Our Story

Born with the blessing of three free-spirited feline ladies, Meeko Athletics believes in millennial women’s physical and emotional health empowerment through comfortable fitness clothes. Wearing our activewear, one can spend a whole day unwinding and focus on personal development.

Our Vision

We aim to provide women with versatile fitness clothing that can inspire them to embrace their inner strength and feel empowered enough to take control of their lives through proper self-care. We are determined to show them that the Meekas can take control of their desires and create anything they want by combating any psychological obstacle in their paths.
At Meeko’s Athletics, we strive to build each other up in a friendly community where everyone is equally welcomed and every achievement is equally celebrated. Our goal is to develop an accepting and supportive environment for mental health conversations while maintaining physical well-being wrapped in cozy attire.

Mental Health Is Just As Important As Physical Health

Who We Are

The founders of Meeko’s Athletics are not the usual bunch. We’re a hard-working efficient team of three cats and me — their full-time mom Kristina Popova. Our brand is named after my previous furry companion, Meeko, and works towards making the community as graceful as the one Meeko saw through her eyes.
My interest in mental health-related topics began during my days studying Neuroscience at Simon Fraser University. My journey with Generalized Anxiety Disorder made me aware of the lack of willpower to face new challenges in life. While combating my depression, I have focused on holistically improving my mental health. My favourite self-care habit is any form of exercise, a little physical exhaustion to combat that anxiety and calm the mind.
My role in Meeko’s Athletics is to provide comfortable, unique fitness apparel for women while creating a safe space to de-stigmatize, discuss, and learn about mental health-related topics. When I am busy building Meeko in my comfy Reform Leggings and Persevere Top, my cats oversee my sanity and encourage me to move forward with a greater purpose.

Following The Same Journey As You, We Want to Combat Challenges As a Whole

It’s All About Feeling
Good and Determined

Our products are designed to boost one’s positive energy with vibrant colour schemes, fun designs, and super comfy materials. With our apparels, you can embrace self-love and turn any moment into uplifting one; something every woman deserves!
Any workout session, from pilates to yoga, rigorous exercise at fitness centres to casual home exercise regimes, our products will accommodate you through it all.
We believe that clothing is only the secondary item to enlighten the spark. The real beauty lies within. It is ignited when a blissful warmth wraps the outer skin to ensure a familiar safety.

Look good, feel good. It’s time to prioritise your mental health in fashion

Giving it Back to the Community

At Meeko’s Athletics, we like to show our gratitude for every privilege we have been rewarded with — that’s why we are committed to giving some of it back to those who continue to fight against mental illness. On that note, 5% of our proceeds will go to the World Federation of Mental Health.
By being a part of our journey, you can also contribute to the community. For every item purchased, you can create a great impact on someone’s life who’s looking forward to a better day.

Eco-Friendly Activewear to Conquer the World

We like to remain transparent with our operations and reduce the impact on the environment by keeping our packaging 100% eco-friendly. Meeko’s Activewear also focuses on designing items with diverse themes and uses that let one portray her unique vibe with utter confidence.

Connect with Us & Share Your Story

We are a fast-growing community with women like you sharing our vision and supporting our cause. Connect with us via our social media platforms and tell us your journey. Let’s inspire every woman overcoming their challenging days through self-care and fitness regime, who love our activewear as much as we do.

We Thank You for Your Support. We Simply Could Not Have Done It Without You