Which is Better for Keeping Your Mind Fit: Physical or Mental Activity?

If you are an active person, then this question must have crossed your mind that you are doing your job, working out 20-45 minutes a day—what are you actually doing to keep your mind fit? Well, you might be having plenty of actions to keep your mind fit unconsciously; exercising 20 minutes a day or solving the crossword puzzles in the newspaper.

Both physical and mental activities can help to keep your mind fit. In fact, doing either of these can keep you sharp-witted throughout the day. But which one is better?

To know the answer in detail, you need to continue reading till the end. Do not worry if you haven’t been involved in any physical activities yet because you will still find this article useful enough.

Reasons to Keep Your Mind Fit

When you receive compliments on your regular tasks, you might feel content about your thinking capacity. But what if you could concentrate more, introduce some new ideas, and challenge your potentials? Certainly, exercising your mind can lead to breaking your own records.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, the research proved that mental exercises aid your brain to maintain a strong connection among the brain cells. In some cases, the brain itself starts producing new cells.

Besides, mental activities can save you from falling into the deep pit of depression and anxiety. So, you will be able to focus more and bring some groundbreaking ideas to the table.

Furthermore, disturbance of mind can kill your happiness, diminish every exciting experience in your life. Even in some cases, this disturbance might reduce life expectancy and lead anybody towards severe diseases. In precise words, exercising your brain can increase your cognitive ability and make you stronger to get through life easily.

Physical Activity as a Daily Medicine

We all know that physical activities keep our body healthy and functional. It is indeed beneficial for a peaceful mind and body. Also, physical activities are known to relieve people from mental and emotional burdens. Maybe that is why people join the gym after a bad breakup.

However, it is scientifically proven that physical activities kill the negative mood and replace your mind with positive self-esteem. The other benefits of physical activities you might already know – improved sleep, better endurance level, improvement in energy and stamina, and more. When you have all these benefits your mind remains in a good mood to be fit throughout the day.

Needless to say, people with great minds workout every day or at least 4-5 days a week because it is obvious that when you work out, your mind works miraculously. It makes brainstorming easy and effective. You will notice that while you are involved in physical activities, you are cognitively developing yourself every day.

Therefore, it is always necessary to consider physical activities as a daily medicine to ensure the wellbeing of your mind and body.

The Connection between Mind and Body

We know this basic scientific fact existing for ages that our mind and body are connected. Our thoughts, behavior, and attitude tailor and determine our physical health.

It is no longer unknown that emotions can affect our bodies. Modern science says that the brain is the ‘body’s command center’ which determines our action, speech, gesture, and posture. Also, the brain can never operate on its own. Body and mind both are interdependent.

With the development of science, now we know that dopamine and serotonin hormones determine our wellbeing. Interestingly, one of the effective ways of stimulating the process of dopamine release is getting involved in physical activities.

Nowadays even physicians are focusing more on hormones for curing blood pressure, insomnia, and other severe diseases. A test was done by the Director of the Psychosocial Research Laboratory, and his research shows that those women suffering from breast cancer attending the mindfulness therapy have a better life expectancy and less pain compared with the women who are under the regular medical care.

We have talked about dopamine, now let us talk about its rival hormones; adrenaline and cortisol. Basically, they are not entirely bad hormones; you need them to get out of any dangerous situation as they provide a short-time boost. But the constant release of this hormone can have an adverse effect on your body; from weakening the immune system to lowering healing ability.

After going through all the facts and examples, it is clear that our minds and body cannot work alone. So, to be mentally fit, you need physical activities and vice versa. It is also clear that you can obviously get the benefit from both physical and mental activities.

Get Benefits from Both

Physical activities alone can indeed be beneficial enough for acquiring a fit mind.

But when both the options are available—why not seize the opportunities? As we already know by now, people with a smart mind have the potential of conquering the world. You obviously cannot win the race of success with physical strength. In the competitive world, whether it is a physical or mental exercise, you need to do everything as these are necessary to be successful.

If you are already involved in any physical activities, then it is great, you have the added advantage on your side, but you should not give any less emphasis on doing mental activities if you ever want to generate the full potential of your capabilities. Researches show that even involvement in volunteering activities like reading books/comics, playing tic-tac-toe, or other board games improves cognitive function.

So, What can You Do?

Well, you already know the answer, seize the benefits from both. So, you need to get involved in physical and mental activities. Now you do not need to feel intrigued – exercising your mind and body is not hard as winning a marathon. Spending only 40-50 minutes with the right Meeko Activewear might be enough.

Are you already a busy person? Then you can start the day with jogging and running just for 10-15 minutes. Then you can gradually increase the time according to your convenience. Or, you can join a gym or fitness center which will shape up your body and keep you healthy.

If you are not a morning person, then you can make good use of your balcony or backyard by adding some pushups, skipping rope jumps right in there during your afternoon schedule.

Most importantly, when you are working out you must focus on your diet. Make sure you are getting enough nutrients: carbs, protein, and fats. Involving in physical activities without proper dieting may bring out negative outcomes.

When it comes to exercising your brain, the options are countless. Our first suggestion would be to learn a new skill, such as speaking a new language, speed reading, decluttering/organizing house. it will exercise your mind and help you in the future. Or, you can follow your passion—master photoshop, learn to sing, drawing/painting, and more. Moreover, if all these activities seem very time-consuming to you, then form a habit to read before bed. Just grab an interesting book from the shelf and start reading it for only 10 minutes, then gradually increase the time. Besides cognitive development, reading books is known to reduce stress to 50%-68%.

If you want to do both at the same hour, then you can also practice yoga or tai chi. Both of these activities will improve your physical and mental health. Also, these can distract you completely from regular stress and negative thoughts.

You can combine both yoga and meditation to get rid of anxiety and stimulate your mind and body. Meditation in the morning and yoga in the afternoon will keep you calm and steady every day. Also, do not forget to engage in some puzzles, cards, chess, and strategy-based games during your holidays.

Final Words

Meeko already understands the connection between mind and body. Hence, we have the right activewear like sports bras, leggings, sweaters, etc. ready for you. But it is also important to understand how your mind and body respond to certain activities. When you are introducing a new activity, never force your brain or body to work on it. Let yourself be accustomed to it, then gradually increase the time.

However, overdoing anything can bring out adverse effects. You have come late after a long day of work, then reading a book for 30-40 minutes might not be necessary because full sound sleep is what your mind and body require at that time. So, carefully understand the balance between your mind and body, then improve them gradually.