Top 10 Home Workouts during COVID-19

A quick workout session at home during COVID-19 can boost your mood and tone your body too. You won’t even need any fancy equipment to do that either!

The tranquillity of your mind inspires and energizes you to keep on going even through the hardships of life. All of us are indeed going through a lot during this pandemic. As we are still adapting to the new normal, we cannot let ourselves be distressed over it.

Working out is a great way to release the tensions of your body. Treating your body and mind with a regular dose of exercise will surely help you to take a breather from this agonizing situation of the outer world.

Your body is a temple. If you don’t take care of it, it could be the downfall of your mental health too. To help you preserve your mind’s serenity, we have prepared an easy guide for the top 10 home workouts that you start today! Read on to ensure your fitness during covid-19 within the comfort of your home.

Top 10 Home Workouts in Covid-19

Although you have a lot of options to choose from, it’s best to go for the most beginner-friendly exercises with maximal outcome.

Have a look at the list below to fill your quarantine life with a bit more fun and enthusiasm!

  1. Planks

Planks effectively work on your whole body, creating a synergy between all your muscles. Along with strengthening your abdominal muscles and spine, plank stabilizes your core, naturally giving you a good posture.

Start by placing your forearm on the ground. Your elbows should be right underneath your shoulders.

Now, lift yourself with the help of your toes and forearm.

Stay in that position from 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Try doing that every day for a month, and you’ll feel the strength channelling through your mind and body.

  1. Glute Bridge

As funny as it sounds, it’s an excellent exercise for ladies. Do it right, and you can rock any dress you want!

This exercise will mainly work on your glute muscles and shape you in a better form. You would want to keep this in your exercise routine if you’re aspiring for a flat abdomen.

To form a glute bridge, simply lie down on your back bending the knees. Keep your feet at the ground. Your hands should be lying straight on both sides of your body.

Now that you’re set in the position, slowly lift your hips keeping your shoulders and upper back in the ground.

Hold the position for a few seconds and then slowly lower your hips.

Repeat this set from 5-10 times as per your preference.

  1. Squats

Queen of all exercises, squats are the best way to strengthen your lower body. It works on your glutes and leg muscle and makes them more strong and flexible. Squats are known to be highly effective for calorie burning.

Stand up on the ground with your feet apart. Hold your hands in front of you and keep your head straight forward.

Now start bending your knees until your thighs are in a parallel position to the ground. Staying there for a good 5 seconds and slowly release the tension in your thigh muscles as you come back up.

You can keep doing this 10-20 times a day for effective results. Try building your resistive strength slowly by holding the “squat” position upto 30 seconds.

  1. Wall sits

When you’re spending most of your time quarantined at home, why not utilize it to its full essence? Your walls may not have ears but you can still use them to practice a fruitful exercise. For instance, your core and leg muscles will be greatly benefitted from wall sits.

Simply stand against a wall. Then pretend that you are sitting on a chair, balancing your whole weight on your legs.

In this position, your head and lower back should be pressed against the wall. And your thighs should be parallel to the ground while your legs in a parallel position to the wall.

Hold that posture for a minimum of 1 minute or more if possible. Repeat the same for about half an hour to build up resistance.

  1. Standing Push-ups

Another helpful exercise you can do using the walls are standing push-ups.

Place your hands on the wall. They should be straight to your shoulders. Push your body towards the wall, and again push away with the help of your hand. In this whole process, your legs will stick to the same place on the floor.

10-15 standing push-ups at one go will strengthen your upper body and hand muscles.

  1. Lunges

Doing lunges will give you a more well-balanced posture and tone up your legs and butts. This exercise includes stretching your legs which is great for increasing flexibility.

First, you need to stand straight and put your hands on your sides.

Then take a step forward and keep bending your knee until your thigh and hip are aligned with the floor. Continue this step with your both leg.

A minimum of 10 reps should be enough for a light workout session.

  1. Side Planks

Just like planks, side planks strengthen your core. It works on your abdominal muscles which usually don’t get enough action.

When doing a side plank, lie down turning your body to the right. Keep your left leg on top of the right one. Place your right forearm in the ground and gradually lift your body. Hold your body in a straight position with the support of your right hand and one side of your right feet.

Hold on there for 30-60 seconds.

Do the same steps while turning left.

  1. Ab Crunches

Getting a flat ab will seem easy with ab crunches. This exercise helps build your stomach muscles and lose that extra fat.

Start by lying on your back with your palms behind your neck. Bend your knees keeping your feet on the ground.

Concentrate on your core and sit up straight. Do not lose balance and bend your back while doing this. Steadily go back to the lying position.

Repeat this cycle from 10-20 times for a fast and better outcome.

  1. Side Bends

Side bends bring out the beauty of the curve of your lower back. It will burn the calories on your sides.

Stand with your feet apart. You’ll need to slightly bend your knee here. Place your right hand on the side. Bend on the left and reach out for your left feet with the left hand. You cannot move the lower part of your body at all.

After 15-20 reps, repeat the process while bending towards the right.

  1. Leg lifting

Leg lifting is great for building calf muscles and abs. It will also tone your thighs.

For such an amazing outcome, the exercise behind it is quite a simple one. Lie on your back placing your hands on the side. You have to lie straight. Now, start raising one leg as far as you can without bending. Raising the leg at a 90-degree angle is preferable.

Slowly bring your leg down and repeat with the other leg.

You can do that 5-10 times for each leg. Do it consistently, and voila, a month later you would be ready to even walk the Victoria’s Secret runway!

Home Workout Is The Easiest Way To Get In Shape!

Don’t let your health deteriorate just because gyms are closed! All of these home exercises include a good amount of stretching and strength building. But we recommend taking things slow, one step at a time. You don’t want to get a strain or muscle refraction during these workouts.

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Wrapping Up

The COVID-19 pandemic may have us cooped up in our houses, but it also gave us the opportunity to learn and utilize the resources around us. Kudos to you for trying to get back in the fitness game! Keep your beautiful minds refreshed and bodies healthy with a few quick exercise routine. Let’s focus on all the positive sides and take a step towards tomorrow with hearts filled with hope.

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