How to Nail Your Next Yoga Class Workout

Doing yoga is an amazingly transformational experience for your mind, body and spirit. When everything feels out of place, going to a yoga class can make things better.

Many a times, you might struggle to do certain yoga maneuvers in class like warrior three, upward-facing dog and low-crescent poses. Your body might feel too rigid but, that’s ok; we will be showing you how to do these maneuvers with ease.

In this post, you’ll get to know about some great workout routines that will help you ace your next yoga class. Furthermore, you’ll also get to know about the kind of diet you need to maintain for yogic success.

Why workout before yoga class?

What you need to understand is that we use our arms, chest, upper back, quads and glutes during our yoga routines. Hence, you need to work out and make sure that these body parts are in tiptop shape. That’s the only way to nail your next yoga class.

The best option is to take a week or two off from yoga classes and focus on working out. If you work out twice a week, your body will feel much stronger going into your next yoga class.

With that being said, we will take a look at some of the workouts that can strengthen your body for yoga. For each routine, do it 12 times in 2 sets (with a minute or two of rest in-between sets). After finishing one routine, move on to the next until all of them are done.

For the weight-based workouts, make sure to scale the weights and challenge yourself a little. But, don’t push yourself too hard and risk an injury. We don’t want that.

The workouts

Close handed push-ups

First of all, you can begin with close handed push-ups. Assume a normal push-up pose with a small gap between your arms. Do this compact push-up 12 times and take a break before the next set. Eventually, this workout will help strengthen your core and arms. Plus, you’ll be able to do the chaturanga and upward-facing dog poses in yoga, thanks to this routine.

The cobra

Secondly, move on to the cobra workout. Lay down chest-first on the floor with your arms by your side and feet stretched apart. Hoist your limbs in the air and hold it for 10 seconds. Relax and repeat this technique 12 times. Ultimately, this will make your glutes, arms and legs much stronger and allow you to achieve the bow pose in yoga.

Hip raises

Moving on, you can do hip raises. This time, lie on the floor back-first with your knees bent and your feet positioned flat. Additionally, your arms should be by your side with their palms facing the ceiling. Proceed to raise your hips and hold for about 5 seconds. Relax and repeat this pose for 12 times. You’ll be able to do those bridge and wheel yoga maneuvers with the increased core strength from this workout.

Dumbbell leg lifts

Now it’s time for those weight-based workouts we mentioned earlier. Start by taking two dumbbells and pointing them towards the ground. With one foot firmly planted, lift the other one until you achieve a ‘T’ position with your body. Hold for a second and alternate with the other leg. This exercise will strengthen your lower back and help you achieve the warrior three yoga positions.

Barbell squats

Additionally, you can also do barbell squats. Plant one of your foot forward while balancing a barbell on your shoulder. Alternate with the other foot and be sure to stretch your knees as much as possible. This is a great exercise for your back and you’ll be able to do the crescent pose in the next yoga class.

One more thing….

You’ll need some great fitnesswear to workout, right? Check you this sports bra and shorts from Meeko Athletics which can help you ace that those workouts!

Having the right kind of workout clothes is important. They will absorb the moisture and sweat produced during exercise and offer protection from injuries. Furthermore, the compact nature of fitness clothes will offer you breathability, compression ability along with flexibility. You’ll be able to do a wide range of motions with the right kind of fitnesswear.

More ways to get better at yoga class

Wait, we aren’t done yet; there are even more ways for you to succeed at yoga class. Take a look at these techniques below.


It’s no secret that a strong heart is vital to achieving fitness goals. Cardiovascular exercise can improve heart rate and strengthen your lungs for a better yoga experience. It’s especially useful if you’re planning to do vinyasa flow or power yoga.

You can do cycling and jogging as part of your cardio workout to increase heart rate and breathe better during yoga. This will help in maintaining yoga poses longer as well.

Non-impact sports

What you need to realize is that your body will change with age and your yoga routine needs to change accordingly. As you get older, the risk of harming joints and tearing muscles increases. So, you need to take it easy and alter your yoga routine.

Non-impacts sports are a great way to improve your resistance. Swimming at the gym or doing breathing exercises like Pranayama are such examples. Additionally, Pilates is another great example. Knowing how to utilize the core of your body can greatly improve doing yoga since it makes posing more cohesive.

Boot camp

If you’re thinking of conditioning yourself, boot camp is a good option. Altering your fitness repertoire is great for the body and mind.

Most boot camps, like CrossFit, will make you go through a training session involving multiple exercises like isometric work weight training and cardio drills. These activities will make your brain and muscles recalibrate in between switching exercises. The result is that, during yoga, you’ll feel much more flexible and it will be easy to alternate between different kinds of poses.

Moreover, check out these cute leggings from Meeko to make all of the workouts above seem like a breeze. Great leggings will not only offer protection but also give you the flexibility needed to work out smoothly.

The Yogic Diet

Eating right is a big part of success in yoga. Plant-based diets are perfect while fatty foods aren’t. Let’s look at what you should (and shouldn’t) eat.

You should definitely opt for some kind of nuts, like almond, to give you that perfect intake of fat, carbohydrate and protein. This will give you optimum energy for those yoga sessions. Moreover, sports bars that are rich in protein and less in sugar are also another great source of energy. Good old fashioned fruits like berries (mixed with yogurt) will greatly promote your health as well. Finally, oatmeal and cooked grains are very healthy breakfast options for a budding yogic.

As for what you shouldn’t eat, fast food is definitely number one. Burgers, fries, burritos, pizzas, sodas, shakes…… get the idea. Plus, avoid hard-boiled eggs and food items that contain a lot of garlic like hummus. One last thing you should have only after yoga sessions are smoothies since having them beforehand can make you sluggish.

Workout to ace yoga!

Altogether, you need to do certain workouts to condition your body for yogic success. Our arms, chest, upper back, quads and glutes need to be toned enough to sustain those yoga classes. You will need to work hard to make your body flexible enough to achieve those yogic poses like chaturanga, upward-facing dog, bridge and wheel and warrior three.


It’s best if you take a break from yoga to concentrate on these workouts like close-handed push-ups, hip raises, barbell squats and dumbbell leg lifts. Moreover, you can also do other conditioning activities like cardio, non-impact sports and boot camp to strengthen your mind and body.

Finally, eating the right kind of foods like protein bars, almonds, fruits and oatmeal promote your physical and mental health. On the other hand, fast food, hard-boiled eggs and smoothies before yoga class should strictly be avoided.

All of this might seem intimidating. There is no need to worry; take a deep breath and plan your pre-yoga workouts. When you step into your next yoga class, we guarantee that your body will be able to achieve anything. The workouts and diets are all worth it!