Meeko Athletics: How It Was Created/My Story

Working from home means a lot of working from bed! This is how I’ve built Meeko. Right here from my bed, with the help from these three cuties! 😊 These guys oversee my sanity so that I can stay focused on building Meeko. 😅 My Reform Leggings and Persevere Top keeps me comfy, with the fun colours giving me a boost in spirit.

I studied Neuroscience at Simon Fraser University, which is where I became interested in mental health-related topics. One thing I quickly realized is that a lot of people don’t really know how to take care of their mental health. Hey, I’m right there with you, still learning the concept of self-care and consciously working on myself.

I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder with mild symptoms of Major Depression. But, I don’t define myself by my diagnosis, and neither should you!

At first, I was confused and scared. What does that mean about who I am?!?! Don’t worry. You are still yourself, and I am still me. Everything that you feel or think is normal! I’m glad that I know now! Years of feeling this uneasy can actually be attributed to something. Over the years, I’ve focused on holistically improving my mental health. My favourite self-care habit is any form of exercise. A little physical exhaustion to combat that anxiety. 💪 Even stretching calms my mind! 🧘‍♀️

And that’s how I created Meeko Athletic. My mission is to provide comfortable, unique fitness apparel for women while creating a safe space to de-stigmatize, discuss, and learn about mental health-related topics.

Fun fact, the name Meeko Athletics actually comes from my previous cat, Meeko. 😸

- Kristina Popova