How Clothing Material Affects Mood?

The connection between clothing and the wearer’s emotional state is ancient. But it was dormant or more accurately, neglected until scientists actually found the impact of clothing on mood. It’s true across the board. Bright colors make us happy and cheerful. Intricate designs make us think critically and elegant dresses boost our confidence.

But did you know that the material of the clothing can equally affect your mood? In this post, we’ll discover the effects of women’s clothing material on emotions. And we’ll also go over some material that you can wear to give you the boost you needed.

The Clothing Material We Use

If there is one thing we’re always in touch with, that would be our clothes, whether we’re indoors or outdoors. It's so obvious that we don’t ever stop to think about it. When you think from this perspective, the effect of clothing material on emotions become a reality rather than a hoax that brands try to sell all the time.

Meeko Athletics knows the importance of clothing material when it comes to our customer’s emotional state. We want them to be confident. We want them to be comfortable. We want them to feel powerful. That’s why we use materials like spandex, nylon, and polyester.

Let’s take a look at each of them and learn how they influence your emotional state.


Spandex has been dominating sportswear since it was invented. It’s a synthetic fiber that has amazing stretching capabilities. It’s lightweight and it’s breathable. Spandex is the primary clothing material used in activewear, across the world.

Spandex is made from a long chain of polymers called polyurethane. Using a technique called ‘dry spinning’, the polymer is turned into an elastic fabric that is used to make leggings, sports bra, bodysuits, and so on.

The chemical composition of the fabric contributes to its amazing elasticity. The molecular structure of the fabric is very unique in nature that allows it to be stretched repeatedly without any noticeable degradation in structure.

Here at Meeko Athletics, we’ve taken spandex as our primary fabric to make top of the line shorts, sports bra crop tops, leggings, sweaters, and long-sleeved tops.

As spandex is very flexible, it doesn’t affect your movements at all. It almost feels like you’re wearing nothing. Even when you wear nothing, the loose muscles might cause restrictions because muscles are wobbly by nature. But with help from spandex activewear, you feel the rigidity in you without any restrictions in movement and mobility.


Nylon is another big part of the activewear equation. Any good quality activewear like Meeko Athletics usually has a blend of nylon and spandex to make the clothing material sturdy yet comfortable.

Nylon is a type of fabric made from synthetic polymers. Nylon is essentially a family of synthetic polymers, rather than being one chemical compound. There are multiple compositions of nylon. It’s highly stretchable, just like spandex. But the fabric has very low breathability which makes it unsuitable for 100% nylon activewear.

Nylon fabric first hit the market as an alternative to silk. It was widely used in women’s stockings, pantyhose, and body shapers. Now, nylon is fundamental part of the sportswear industry. Nylon is very cheap to produce and it works great with other types of fabrics, like spandex. Nylon is strong and gives sportswear the rigidity it needs. 

Most activewear from Meeko Athletics, the clothing material contains around 10% nylon while the other 90% is spandex. It’s done to give you the benefits of both worlds. You get the rigidity and durability of the nylon while getting the elasticity and the breathability of spandex.


The long-sleeved top from Meeko Athletics uses 60% polyester while the sweaters are made of 100% polyester. Polyester is also a synthetic fabric, well-known for its affordability and rigidity. Polyester is often blended with other fabrics and it contributes to the majority of the world’s textile.

Polyester is derived primarily from petroleum. Polyesters are not biodegradable in most cases, so you’re looking at a very long lifespan for activewear containing a high percentage of polyester.

Another reason why polyester is so popular for textile purposes around the world is the durability.  Polyester is very resistant to wear and tear and that’s why Meeko Athletics uses it for the sweater and long-sleeved tops.

The Meeko Athletics Line Up

Now that you know which materials we use for making our activewear, we can go on to tell you about the products that we make for you using the clothing material.

The sole purpose of our collection is to make you feel good while having the full flexibility to workout for as long as you want. Your comfort is the number one priority for us and our products reflect our statement.


The persevere shorts we make are composed of 10% nylon and 90% spandex. Spandex gives you the flexibility to move as you want while nylon gives durability to our shorts. Spandex is an extremely comfortable clothing material. But don’t let the comfort aspect fool you because the electric tangerine, dragonfruit, carbon, mind, and sky-blue colors show the power you possess within you.

The shorts are very high-quality and capable of giving you a confidence boost while elevating your mood and spiritual energy. The high-rise preserver shorts might be the perfect activewear because it can support your movements while soaking all the sweat. It supports your movement with the controlling waistband.

Sports Bra Crop Tops

Sports bras are an essential part of working out for most women. Sports bras are designed to support the weight of the breasts while absorbing the sweat from all the hard work you do. The sports bra crop tops from Meeko Athletics is seamless activewear, perfect for day to day workouts.

They are also composed of 10% nylon and 90% spandex to give you the feel of a free bird while maintaining full support from your core. The sports bras come with removable padding to let you adjust the support you need. If you’re used to working out in your regular bra, we highly recommend trying out a sports bra because it will change your perspective on activewear.


Just like shorts, leggings are also forever popular among fitness enthusiast women. Meeko Athletics leggings boast the same composition as the shorts and are equally comfortable. The leggings wrap around the bottom part of your body to support muscle movement during workouts. The breathability is amazing, thanks to the 90% spandex.

The high-waist leggings offer generous core support for you to perform extreme sports or high-intensity training. The moisture-wicking nature of the activewear is perfect to keep you dry and cool for your sessions.

Long-Sleeved Tops

Using the durability of polyester, we’ve created the perfect long-sleeved tops for your outdoor hikes or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) needs. Thanks to 60% nylon and 32% polyester, our Verbena tops can tackle any weather you throw at it.

The high nylon percentage limits the breathability of the fabric, resulting in better heat retention on a winter morning. The tops look cool while giving you the confidence you need to go out there and achieve your dreams. The 8% spandex results in enough elasticity you can hope from a long-sleeved top.


Finally, presenting one of our finest creations, the cropped sweaters. It’s composed of 100% polyester, giving you a sense of security on a cold harsh morning. The cropped sweater complements any activity you do while wearing it. From working out to getting groceries from your local store, you look like you mean it.

100% polyester means it doesn’t shrink after repeated washes. The material is durable yet very soft to keep you comfortable throughout the day. It’s a tight and true fit from Meeko Athletics, so make sure you get the right one to match your persona.

How Clothing Boosts Mood?

Apart from the material, the color and design of the activewear can significantly contribute to improving the emotional state of the wearer.

Proper clothing for the occasion can boost confidence like nothing else. It gives you a feeling of power. It gives you a feeling of authority in any situation.

How you dress for an occasion makes all the difference. It might seem very unlikely that wearing a sweater while working out will give you a performance boost, but it will. Because what you think about what you’re wearing equally matters to what you wear.

Final Words

Clothing material is something that determines how you will feel wearing it. The right composition of materials can directly influence your mood, either giving your mood an uplift or making your day a bad one. Here at Meeko Athletics, we take your emotions very seriously and that’s why we’ve created the line of activewear with your comfort in mind.