Holistic Approach to Mental Health [Guide]

Holistic Approach to Mental Health 

Mental health is vital to a happy life. Some may think mental health refers to a disorder or disability, however, mental health refers to psychological, social, and emotional well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act and determines how we react to stress and relate to others. Mental health is essential at every stage of your life. At Meeko Athletics, we believe in a holistic approach to mental wellness for a stronger mind and body. 


What is a holistic approach to mental health? 

A holistic approach to mental health means supporting one's whole system - mind, body, emotions and spirit - in a quest for optimal health and wellness. Each person will have a different experience of recovery that is influenced by biological and environmental factors. Various holistic practices and therapeutic treatments focus on improving one's wellness instead of focusing on their illness. Daily maintenance of your thoughts, emotions and cognitive function plays an important role in your long-term mental health. 

holistic approach to mental wellness

How can exercise improve your mental health? 

Exercise holistically improves your mental and emotional health, making you a happier you. To be truly healthy, one must be physically and mentally strong. A direct benefit of exercise is your brain releases endorphins while exercising. Endorphins are natural brain chemicals that enhance the feeling of well-being. They act on your opiate receptors reducing pain and boosting pleasure. Additionally, when performing aerobic exercise, you inhale more oxygen, which gets pumped to your brain. Oxygen feeds your brain, improving cognitive function and your overall mental health. 

Through exercise, you learn to discipline. As you start to achieve your fitness goals, you gain confidence. Not only is your physical perception improving, you feel stronger, and gain a sense of accomplishment. 

Regular exercise is a positive coping strategy to aid with anxiety, depression, ADHD, or mood disorders. People who exercise regularly feel more energetic throughout their day and sleep better at night. They report increased memory and helps them feel more relaxed and alleviate stress. By scheduling regular exercise into your daily routine, your mental wellness will improve dramatically. 

How Meeko Athletics can help

Meeko Athletics is committed to helping women take control of their lives and begin their self-development journey. Our Resilience collection was designed with your mental health in mind. To learn more, read the link below.