Empowering Women to Uplift Others: Empowering Women Empower Others

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying empowering women empower others. Think about what this quote means and how you can incorporate it into your own life. Instead of competing with each other, women should instead uplift and empower one another. 

Here are three ways that we can empower women to uplift others:

Encourage and Support

We all doubt ourselves sometimes, and words of encouragement from others can go a long way. Use your confidence to boost the confidence of others, but encouraging women to share their stories, speak up, invest themselves, try new opportunities, etc. Don’t be the person to push women down; be the person to lift them up. 

“Hold a woman’s hand when she wants courage, give her a push when she needs it, and keep reminding her of her talents and abilities.”

Empowering women to share their stories can give opportunities for growth and empowerment through the sharing of personal struggles and hardships. Women should feel like they can safely reveal their ups and downs and wins and losses.


Share Opportunities 

Women need to work together and uplift one another by sharing opportunities and information. Don’t hesitate to pass along opportunities to other women. We can also encourage and support others to find new opportunities that they might be good at or recommend someone in the community or at work. 

Look for opportunities and projects that work to help others succeed; there is strength in numbers. Consider volunteering at a local women’s shelter or community food bank. Build your network in a way that supports others, regardless of age, ethnicity, or status. 


Connection is a part of human nature. We naturally want to connect with the world around us, whether that be animals, plants, or humans. When we don’t socialize or feel a connection to others, we can lose hope and happiness. Connection is our nature and brings out the best in all of us. 

We can uplift women by asking our friends, neighbors, family, and even strangers if they are okay. If you notice something is wrong, don’t hesitate to support that person in whatever way you can. Sometimes all we need to hear is, “I am here for you.”

“I encourage you to think about the women in your work and personal life and find ways, every single day, to lift them up, share your stories, help them find and share their voices, encourage them to step out of their comfort zone, and be their strongest cheerleader in celebrating their successes and achievements, as well stand by them in times of indecision, mismanagement, and failure. When women empower other women, we all succeed!” 
- Anne Converse Willkomm 

What’s the best part about uplifting each other? It doesn’t cost a dime! Words of affirmation and encouragement, a hug or a smile, reaching out and talking, it’s all free. Plus, doesn’t it feel good when you help others to succeed? It’s a rewarding feeling when we give. 

Just remember that when you show other women love and compassion, you can genuinely impact the way they feel about themselves forever. Remember that empowering women empower others!