Common Gym Wear Mistakes Women Tend to Do

When it comes to gym wear, any woman is prone to making mistakes. This is mostly because one learns from experience and gaining that knowledge requires both time and wrong decisions.

Whether you have a few sad stories regarding gym wear or not, we have decided to highlight some of the most common gym mistakes often made by women. So, if you want to avoid them, continue reading the articles where we point out the mistake as well as the potential solution.

Wearing Bulky Lifestyle Activewear

One of the very first rules of choosing sportswear is to stick to comfortable clothing. Now, many women tend to take this comment at the words and opt for regular tank tops, cropped tees, or regular pairs or baggy bottoms. While these may work pretty well for 5-minutes home workouts, you may need to go with specially designed gym wear when you are attending a gym.

Apart from the visual aspect, baggy clothing has another negative impact on your workouts. For example, you may feel uncomfortable during planks and pushups. Due to lack of proper support on the chest area, you may also not be benefitted from jumping or skipping ropes. Most importantly, you may trip or fall during cycling, walking on treadmills, or weight lifting if you wear bulky clothes.

Opting for Cotton Lifestyle Activewear

Cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics when it comes to daily wear – there is simply no doubt about that. However, in terms of gym wear, this is probably the first material that you need to avoid at all costs.

This is mostly because cotton has very low moisture-wicking properties. It does not absorb sweat well and gives a sticky and greasy feeling on your skin.

However, it does not necessarily mean that you have to compromise your comfy tees. Try getting a Meeko Persevere Sports Bra over your regular cotton sports bra to experience more comfort. The best sportswear, however, can be a great blend of spandex and nylon as it will dry faster, support your motions, and last longer.

Choosing Sportwear Too Tight

When you avoid baggy clothing for your gym sessions, say no to sportswear one or two sizes smaller than your needs as well. Such instances may occur when you buy gym wear for the first time or order online from a foreign brand. You may also feel constrained in your fitted clothes if you start gaining muscles in certain busy parts. At this point, go up a size or two as soon as possible.

Tight lifestyle activewear does not only limit your range of motions, but also caused chest pain, neck pain, breathing difficulties, and numerous other health issues. You want to avoid that by opting for the right size activewear not too tight, not too loose – only the perfect fitting to keep you comfortable throughout the workout regime.

Not Buying A Good Sports Bra

Sports bras are such versatile underwear that can be worn pretty much anywhere. From your morning walks to gym sessions, sports bras will keep you warm and comfy while supporting your chest area.

Now, sports bras come in many designs, features, and price ranges. While a regular sports bra will suit you well during daily activities, you may have to invest in a good quality sports bra when you are shopping for gym wear.

Wearing a wrong size sports bra or one lacking proper support will cause chest pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain from bench presses or other intense workout sessions. So, pay attention to the features and materials while ordering one.

Wearing ‘Wrong’ Designs on Lifestyle Activewear

When we say wrong designs, we don’t mean the color, patterns, or other fashion elements. Instead, we point towards some specific styles that may not be suitable for your body type.

For example, if you have a large bottom, you would be more comfortable with a high-waisted legging than a regular one. Similarly, if you have small breasts, you will feel both attractive and comfortable with a reversible sports bra.

Focusing Too Much on Accessorizing

Accessories and jewelry act as an extension to women’s elegance. Does your outfit consist of all blacks? – Wear a gold necklace. Conscious about being basic? – add some chunky earrings. For many women, accessorizing has turned into a clothing habit that is a solution to achieving the desired look without much planning. However, when you are joining a gym, you may want to avoid going overboard with accessorizing.

A simple bracelet, a casual watch, or an armband is good enough, but imagine yourself lifting weights while your earrings are dangling all over – this is a picture you do not want while you are building your core muscles.

Coming to necklaces, these may be very dangerous items when you are working with gym equipment. These might get stuck to equipment and cause you a serious injury. Why risk it when you look just fine with stylish lifestyle activewear?

Wearing Flip-Flops

Flip-flops are the most perfect footwear during summer, especially when you are enjoying a beach getaway, running your errands, or visiting some friends in a casual outing. The area that is NOT perfect for flaunting your comfy pair of flip-flops is your workout station. You may not face much discomfort when you are warming up, but as you continue to freehand exercises, treadmilling, and weight lifting, you will notice the lack of support on your feet.

Footwear that is designed for sports activities and workouts protects you from any injury on a sweaty floor by providing a firm grip on your feet. It also allows you to try different motions without feeling the presence of footwear every time you make a move. So, if you have a gym session after a hot date, don’t forget to pack of pair of gym footwear in your bag.

Not Washing Lifestyle activewear Regularly

Okay, we have touched on a sensitive issue here. If you have been exercising in a gym for a few months now, you have probably already noticed some of the gym members reeking of body odor the moment they put in their gym gear. Such instances are embarrassing for both the wearer and other members around her. So, why does this occur?

The prime culprit of smelly gym clothing is not washing it or drying it properly after each workout session. The sweat buildup over long hours starts smelling when you left it in the gym bag for a long time. You might be able to minimize the odor with a few spritzes of your deodorant; however, try not to turn it into a long-term practice.

When you continue to wear sweaty and smelly clothing for a long period, it caused severe skin irritation. So, do your laundry at least twice a week if you want fresh pairs every time you start exercising. If you can’t fit this into your daily schedule, do your laundry once a week and switch between 3-4 sets of lifestyle activewear from Meeko in the meantime.

A Few More Mistakes That Need to be Talked About

So, we have got the clothing part covered, however, there are more ways through which you are probably ruining a perfect gym day. On top of our list is wearing too much makeup.

Well, most of us like to capture a few snaps in between our workout sessions. But to be Insta-ready, you don't really need a face full of heavy makeup. The first few days may go on as expected, but as you continue to spend more time on workouts, you may start noticing tiny bumps, rashes, acne, or other irritation on your skin. This happens with constant sweat build-up which results in clogging up your pores.

So, should you skip makeup entirely? Not necessarily. Instead, use a tinted moisturizer to enhance your skin complexion. Put on some nude lip gloss or brush on a fiery red lipstick to feel like a diva without risking skin damage. It will all complement your lifestyle activewear like a charm.

Up next, there are intense perfumes. It’s almost like basic human nature to carry a body spray in the gym bag, but when someone is spraying on some heavily-scented perfume every 10 minutes, that’s when the problem arises. The fragrance from the perfumes does not react well with body odor. So, you are more likely to encounter nausea than feeling refreshed.

You can easily avoid this issue by opting for deodorants or light perfumes that will freshen up your senses without hitting every nose in the workout space.