A Thorough Guide for Choosing the Right Activewear for Women of All Curves

When you walk past the sportswear stores in the mall, those fascinating sports attires on the mannequins take your breath away. But as you put them on in the trial room, the outlook may be miles apart from your first impression. Sometimes, even the most comfy-looking activewear with a high price tag can make you feel uncomfortable and painful.

So, what are you missing? The ‘RIGHT’ activewear for you of course. No need to stress about not having the exact shape of life-size dummies. It is much more important to choose something that compliments your body shape and lets you seize all the benefits of working out. Also, different materials have different pros and cons. To make every rep count with utmost comfort, you definitely need to know about the right activewear for women of all curves.

What is a ‘Right’ Activewear?

The answer is pretty straightforward ─ activewear is the clothes that you put on while working out, and the clothes that make you comfortable during a workout are the right activewear for you.

Now, we are not talking about worn out baggy jeans or loose tank tops. What differs sportswear from regular clothing is that these are well-fitted clothes that increase your range of motion, blood flow, and mobility during an active session.

However, we often misunderstand the use of activewear and think that these are designed for professional athletes only. Thanks to numerous well-known brands, they broke down that fallacy and made activewear available for everyone. Remember the time when the popular brands started to put plus-size mannequins in their showroom? Well, that’s how you know that now you can celebrate your curves with the right activewear for women.

Tight or Loose Activewear?

We often see that women with petite body shapes tend to wear extra tight activewear, on the other hand, the women with beautiful curves tend to wear excessive loose activewear. Both these practices have negative impacts in the long run because skin-compressed clothes may cause major damages to your skin and immune system. Also, the yoga activewear with draping fabrics at the bottom may cause a severe injury while cycling or running on a treadmill. Even during the heavy lifts, you may trip and fall.

So, how would you keep your body all together if you do not wear too tight or too loose activewear? Well, you need to choose the right activewear for women- a sports bra or cropped tank, and a pair of shorts or leggings which will provide significant support to all the right areas, and keep you nice and taut throughout the workout session.

If you are concerned about exposing too much skin or not having enough support on the chest area, you can always go with full-length sweater-style sportswear from Meeko like the Verbena Top.

How Many Activewear Do You Need?

If you are someone who leads an active style or goes to the gym 6 days a week, then 3-4 pairs of the right activewear for women should be enough. If you take part in other activities like hiking, dancing, swimming, cycling, or kayaking, then you definitely need variations because the gym sportswear in all the other places might look a bit offbeat or unusual unless you are switching to athleisure.

However, if you have sensitive skin, then you may need more than 3-4 sports clothing. Wearing exercise clothes for a long time (7-8 hours) may also cause yeast or bacterial infection on your private parts due to excessive sweat. So, if you are rushing to the gym at eight o’clock because you have a yoga session at nine, then do not forget to slip enough of the right activewear for women in your gym bag.

How to look Good in Activewear?

It is almost effortless to look good in activewear if you choose the right size and right design according to your activities. For example, if you are up for hiking then camouflage activewear or a mustard/ bumblebee yellow-toned combo may be the right choice for the day.

Then again, you are concerned about revealing your love handles, then wear a dark-shaded active-top. High-waisted elastic leggings from Meeko might the correct choice to keep those loose fat insdie. In that case, you may opt for less compressed cropped pants.

Best Activewear As Per Fabric

Now, let’s go a bit deeper into the construction of sports items and how one can choose the right activewear for women based on this aspect.

Right of the bat, we have Spandex. It has an excellent stretching ability and compression recovery, so if you are into mobility exercise or yoga, then you can totally go for Meeko sportswear made of spandex materials. Also, this fabric may save a few extra bucks as it dries quickly. You can purchase only 2-3 spandex sportswear instead of a bunch of polypropylene or cotton and enjoy a week of tension-free workout regime.

Up next, we have Nylon. It has the same capacity as the previous one but it is soft and breathable. Nylon activewear may also last longer than a few others because they are mildew resistant.

Now we have a very popular fabric for sportswear—Polyester. It is widely used in the right activewear for women for its durability. Also, you can perform some impressive jumping jacks wearing polyester fabric because it is lighter than ever. Polartec sportswear is popular among morning joggers as Polyester sportswear tends to repel UV rays.

Lastly, we have cotton. Even some of the pro athletes prefer cotton activewear or sportswear because they are soft, comfy, and absorbs body odor.

Another suggestion─ if you work in an environment where you sweat a lot, then you need sportswear made of Bamboo or Tencel materials because it is known for its moisture-wicking properties.

You can choose any fabric from above according to your workout routine and comfort level as they are the best fabrics known for the right activewear of women; curvy, slender, or muscular.

Dressing for Success

By choosing the right activewear from Meeko, you can improve your performance tremendously! You have to ‘dress for success’! You can wear specific activewear for weight lifting, running, cycling, and hiking that would not only make you comfortable but also give you a layer of confidence to boost your performance.

Most importantly, the right sportswear will save you from various injuries and help you to recover from muscle fatigue faster. Besides, if you are a dancer or an athlete where flexibility and mobility are the first priorities then there is no exception other than choosing good-quality activewear.

Brand or Non-Brand

The right activewear for women from a well-known brand ensures your safety, elevates your performance, and also saves your money. We all know that good brand products come with a high price tag but when it comes to longevity, they perform the best.

So, instead of purchasing a bunch of sportswear, you can buy 3-4 activewear from well-known brands like Meeko. And also, never take any suggestion granted as 100% true for you because one sportswear might be good for your friends but bad for you and vice-versa.

When it comes to purchasing online, you need to pay attention to the measurement description. Reading a few user reviews may also prove helpful.

A Pair of Shoes is a Must

An old pair of house sandals or 5 years old sneakers will not help you to reach your goal. You can wear the best activewear but still fail to lift 2 more plates or run a few seconds longer. For better health and performance, you need your base to be sturdier than ever.

Generally, sneakers with high soles work the best. If you are a runner then go for lightweight but grippy shoes.

In summer, wearing a tight pair of shoes can make your morning jog excruciating, so in that case, you can choose slightly loose workout sneakers or sneakers made with breathable materials.

Final Words from Meeko

Choosing the right activewear for women may take a little more effort than usual. To summarize, it mostly depends on how many hours you work out, the weather or season of your workout station, and a few more aspects.

When you purchase activewear online, don’t forget to run a measuring tape for a precise and perfect fit. Pay extra attention to the curvy areas of your body if you are blessed with them. Most importantly, after receiving the product from Meeko, make a few stretching moves to see how it sits atop your skin. When you are satisfied with your new purchase, enjoy a workout routine added to your day.

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